In the realm of surgical oncology, the quest to combat breast cancer while preserving a woman’s confidence in her body image has led to significant advancements. Breast-conserving surgery (BCG) is a remarkable branch of breast cancer surgery that allows for the removal of cancerous tissue while preserving the shape and appearance of the breast.

In this article, we explore the primary indications for breast-conserving surgery, highlighting its transformative impact on the lives of women battling breast cancer.

The primary indications of breast cancer surgery

BCG is recommended for many women with early-stage cancer. Often, the surgery is combined with radiation to ensure the best outcome. This medical achievement has also revolutionized the scene of breast cancer surgery in Kolkata. Moreover, the surgery might also be accompanied by nearby lymph node removal (sentinel or axillary) to detect whether the cancer has spread. Below, we have highlighted the core indications that make breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer favorable.

  • Early-Stage Breast Cancer: It is commonly recommended for women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. This surgical approach aims to remove the tumor and a small margin of surrounding healthy tissue, sparing the breast as much as possible.
  • Small Tumor Size: BCG is most effective when dealing with small tumors. The procedure involves removing the tumor while ensuring negative margins, meaning that no cancerous cells remain in the surrounding tissue. This approach offers a chance to eradicate cancer while preserving the natural aesthetics of the breast.
  • Tumor Localization: In cases where imaging tests, such as mammograms or ultrasounds, accurately localize the tumor, breast-conserving surgery becomes a viable option. The ability to precisely identify and target the tumor allows surgeons to perform the surgery with precision, minimizing tissue removal.
  • Multifocal Breast Cancer: In select cases of multifocal breast cancer, where multiple tumors are present but remain in close proximity, BCG may still be an option. It requires careful evaluation to ensure that all tumors can be effectively removed while preserving an aesthetically pleasing breast appearance.
  • Patient Preference: Breast-conserving surgery is often considered when a patient expresses a strong desire to preserve her breast. It allows women to maintain their self-esteem and body image, contributing positively to their overall psychological well-being during the challenging journey of breast cancer treatment.

BCG: Beyond the Physical

Beyond its remarkable physical impact, breast-conserving surgery has significant psychological benefits for women battling breast cancer. By preserving the breast, this approach helps women maintain their sense of femininity and regain control over their bodies, contributing to a positive overall healing experience. In a nutshell, breast-conserving surgery stands as a remarkable achievement in the field, says a breast cancer doctor.