Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) is a groundbreaking approach to treating head and neck cancers. This minimally invasive surgery is performed by a skilled head and neck cancer surgeon in Kolkata and offers numerous advantages over traditional methods. Let’s delve into what TORS is, its benefits, and why choosing the right specialist is crucial.

What is Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS)?

Transoral Robotic Surgery involves using advanced robotic technology to remove tumours from the mouth and throat through the mouth, eliminating the need for external incisions. This approach gives surgeons enhanced precision, flexibility and control, allowing them to operate in difficult-to-reach areas.

Benefits of TORS

  • Minimally Invasive: TORS is performed through the mouth, meaning no visible scarring and a less invasive procedure overall.
  • Precision and Accuracy: The robotic system allows for high precision, therefore reducing the risk of damage to surrounding healthy tissues.
  • Faster Recovery: Patients often experience shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery than traditional surgery.
  • Reduced Complications: The minimally invasive nature of TORS typically results in fewer complications, such as infections and bleeding.

How TORS Works

During TORS, the head and neck cancer surgeon in Kolkata uses a console to control the robotic arms, equipped with tiny tools and a high-definition 3D camera. This setup provides a magnified view of the surgical site, enabling the surgeon to remove tumours easily.

Why Choose TORS?

Choosing TORS for head and neck cancer treatment offers several advantages, particularly in terms of recovery and outcomes. Here’s why it’s a good option:

  • Enhanced Quality of Life: Patients can return to normal activities sooner with fewer complications and faster recovery.
  • Effective Treatment: TORS has effectively removed tumours while preserving essential structures, such as nerves and blood vessels.

The Role of an Oncologist Specialist in Kolkata

An oncologist specialist in Kolkata plays a vital role in diagnosing, treating, and managing head and neck cancers. These specialists have the expertise to evaluate whether TORS is the right option for a patient, ensuring personalized and effective treatment plans.

Consultation and Evaluation

Before undergoing TORS, a thorough evaluation by an oncologist specialist in Kolkata is essential. This evaluation includes imaging studies, biopsies and a detailed medical history to determine the best course of action.


Transoral Robotic Surgery is revolutionizing the treatment of head and neck cancers, offering patients a minimally invasive option with numerous benefits. By choosing a skilled head and neck cancer surgeon in Kolkata, patients can access the latest advancements in cancer treatment.