Breast Conservation Surgery in Kolkata

What is Breast Conservation Surgery?

Breast conservation surgery, also known as breast-conserving surgery or lumpectomy, is a surgical procedure used to treat breast cancer while preserving as much of the breast tissue as possible. During breast conservation surgery in Kolkata, the surgeon removes the cancerous tumour surrounding the margin of the normal tissue. Unlike mastectomy, which involves the removal of the entire breast, breast conservation surgery aims to maintain the appearance and shape of the breast. This procedure is mainly followed by radiation therapy, which destroys the remaining cancer cells and reduces the risk of cancer recurrence.

Benefits of Opting for Breast Conservation Surgery

According to the surgeons who offer the best breast conservation surgery in Kolkata, there are mainly three reasons to opt for this surgical procedure:

Maintaining the appearance of the breast: This procedure allows the removal of cancerous tissue while safeguarding the shape and appearance of the breast.

Lesser complications: Breast conservation surgery is considered minimally compared to mastectomy. This means that it involves smaller incisions, less skin and tissue cutting and less body disruption. As a result, it generally causes fewer complications after the surgery, such as less pain, less scarring and faster recovery.

Quicker Recovery: The procedure involves a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery in comparison to mastectomy.

Recovery and Postoperative Care After Breast Conservation

Recovery and postoperative care after breast conservation surgery involves the following.

  • Patients are prescribed medications to reduce any postoperative discomfort and pain.
  • Doctors who offer breast conservation surgery in Kolkatahave recommended that patients follow the instructions provided and care for the surgical incision to prevent infection.
  • Individuals opting for breast conservation surgery are strictly advised to avoid any strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects during the recovery period.
  • Surgeons suggest their patients undergo regular follow-ups to monitor their healing progress and look for signs of infection or other complications.


Oncology is an ever evolving field of medicine and is matter of research and development. The author per say does not claim the following to be guidelines of practice in oncology. These are part of patient awareness initiative by Dr. Suvadip Chakrabarti MCh (Surgical Oncology), cancer doctor in Kolkata to educate people at large of various options in Oncology. It should not be taken to be practice guidelines.