Tongue Cancer Treatment Doctor
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Everything about Carcinoma Tongue:

This type of cancer develops in the mouth as a sore that does not heal and keeps hurting. The lymphatic network inside the tongue facilitates the rapid spread of cancer, which can be concerning. So, as suggested by the best tongue cancer treatment doctor in Kolkata, cancer has to be managed early. However, the treatment plan will completely depend on the size of the lesion and the stage of cancer as assessed by the surgeon.

Symptoms of Carcinoma Tongue

  • Ulcers and sores will appear, which do not heal
  • Red or white sort of patches on the tongue
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Abnormal swelling causing pain, discomfort and hoarseness
  • A feeling of numbness or tingling sensations within the mouth

Diagnosis of Carcinoma Tongue

Physical Examination : In diagnosing a carcinoma tongue, the surgeon physically examines the tongue and throat. Biopsy: Another method of diagnosis used is biopsy, which involves removing and examining tissue samples from the affected area for cancerous cells. Imaging tests: Various tests, such as CT scans, MRIs or PET scans, are performed to examine the extent of cancer spread. Endoscopy: A flexible scope visualizes the inner mouth and throat and checks for abnormalities. Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA): This diagnostic procedure involves collecting cells from lymph nodes to check the extent to which cancer has spread.


According to the best tongue cancer treatment doctor in Kolkata, there is a range of surgical procedures to choose from. Still, procedures are always recommended based on the patient’s current medical condition, medical history and the stage of cancer. Partial Glossectomy: For small lesions, comprehensive local tumour removal with a cuff of normal tissue. Primary closure is done. Hemiglossectomy: For larger tumours, up to 50% of the tongue is removed, with the option of reconstruction with free flaps. Total Glossectomy: This procedure is used for locally advanced tumours crossing the midline. It involves reconstructing with a pedicle of free flaps. Lymph Node Dissection: Due to a large network of lymphatic vessels in the tongue, the nodes must be addressed at least by the suprahyoid lymph node dissection (SOHND), a modified neck dissection (MND) or a formal radical neck dissection.