Larynx Cancer Specialist in Kolkata

Everything to know about Carcinoma Larynx

Carcinoma of the larynx, also known as laryngeal cancer, is a type of cancer that develops in the tissues of the larynx, commonly referred to as the voice box. The best larynx cancer specialist in Kolkata explains how laryngeal cancer develops in the squamous cells lining the inside of the larynx and can affect the vocal cords, epiglottis or other structures within the larynx.

Symptoms of Carcinoma Larynx

  • Consistent change in voice quality
  • Throat pain or discomfort
  • Difficulty in swallowing – dysphagia
  • Presence of lump or mass in the neck
  • Chronic cough or coughing up blood
  • Breathing difficulties or noisy breathing.

Diagnosis of Carcinoma Larynx

Laryngoscopy: Visual examination of the larynx using a thin, flexible scope. Biopsy: Removal and examination of tissue from the larynx to confirm cancerous cells. Imaging studies (CT scan, MRI): Detailed imaging to assess the extent and location of the tumor. PET scan: Evaluation of metabolic activity to determine if cancer has spread beyond the larynx.

Treatment for Carcinoma Larynx:

Laryngeal cancer may have to sustain with one or a combination of therapies like surgery, radio-therapy, chemotherapy and biological therapy. The head and neck cancer surgeon may require suggesting complete removal of the abnormal area through surgery followed by reconstruction and artificial voice box. Like any other cancer, extent of treatment is dependent upon the stage in which the disease has been diagnosed. In addition to surgery which has issues of post-operative voice rehabilitation, the best Larynx Cancer Specialist in Kolkata also provides voice rehabilitation by use of Tracheo-esophagialprosthesis (TEP).


The most trusted larynx cancer specialist in Kolkata provide various surgical treatments, such as:
  • Total wide field Laryngectomy
  • Partial Laryngectomy (Semon’s)
  • Laryngofissure (Rarely done)
  • Larynx conservation Surgery
  • Vertical Partial Laryngectomy
  • Surgery for Supraglottic Carcinoma
  • Supracricoid partial Laryngectomy with cricohyoidpexy (CHEP)