Five Little-Known Breast Cancer Facts- Says a Breast Cancer Doctor

October is the month of breast cancer awareness, where numerous programs are held worldwide to create awareness and spread the less-known facts about breast cancer. Every breast cancer doctor in Kolkata is involved in such awareness programs. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers diagnosed among women. In order to avoid breast cancer, it is essential to spread awareness and learn some less-known facts about breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Facts- Explains a breast cancer doctor

There are certain things that you must know about breast cancer, and these are mentioned below:

  1. Breast cancer symptoms do not always appear in a lump form.

In the earliest stage of breast cancer, there are hardly any symptoms noticed in the breast. During such an initial stage of breast cancer, the symptoms do not necessarily appear in the form of a lump. It may also appear as breast itching, nipple changes, and breast pain. If you notice any discomfort or pain in your breast, you should consult a breast cancer doctor in Kolkata without any delay. 

  1. Having breast cancer in your family

According to a breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata, if any of your family members is diagnosed with breast cancer, then it is recommended to undergo genetic testing to find out if breast cancer runs in your family. This will help you to avoid the probability of experiencing breast cancer. 

  1. Maintenance of a healthy weight can lower the risk of breast cancer

Being obese or overweight, particularly after menopause, may increase the risk of breast cancer. In order to reduce the breast cancer risk, any breast cancer doctor in Kolkata would suggest maintaining a healthy weight by eating healthy foods and doing regular physical exercises.

  1. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Any woman who breastfeeds can experience hormonal changes because of lactation. As a result, it delays the menstrual periods and lowers the lifetime exposure to hormones like estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone that promotes breast cancer cell growth. Thus, reducing exposure to such hormones can help lower breast cancer risk. 

  1. Drinking excessive alcohol can trigger the cell growth of breast cancer

Drinking alcohol once a day is not too bad for your health, but an additional intake of alcohol may increase the risk of breast cancer. 
These are some of the less-known facts about breast cancer that you should know and follow in your life. In case of abnormal breast changes, you should consult a breast cancer doctor in Kolkata to minimize the adverse outcomes of breast cancer.