In most run-of-the-mill cases, breast cancer generally shows no major symptoms in the early stages. However, there are some subtle signs which you can detect if you are vigilant enough. Identifying breast cancer in the earlier stages can facilitate timely detection and a prompt cure through breast cancer surgery.

A breast lump is considered the most common symptom of early breast cancer. Yet, for about 1 in 6 women with breast cancer, the overall spectrum of symptoms may not include a lump.

In this brief outline, we would like to shed light on the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Early signs of breast cancer

At the outset, a person may detect some unusual changes in their breast accompanied by a minor unexplained pain. If you feel these two early premonitions, you should conduct the following checks before you decide on a surgery for breast cancer. Along with a lump located anywhere from your armpit to your breasts, you may experience some nipple bleeding or discharge.

Moreover, there may be a tinge of redness and/or swelling in any of the breasts. Often, the spectrum of early symptoms also includes flattening of nipples or caved-in nipples. Below, we’ve listed some of the frequent symptoms of early breast cancer:

  • Changes in the shape of the nipple. Flattened and caved-in nipples.
  • Breast pain that persists even after your next period.
  • A lump that stays even after your next period.
  • Unusual nipple discharge that is clear, red, brown or yellow.
  • Unexplained swelling, itchiness or rash on the breast.
  • Swelling or lumps around the armpits, one or both of the breasts or around the collarbone

Before resolving a breast cancer surgery, it is best to undergo a mammogram investigation (low-dose X-rays of the breast). Mammograms are suitable for detecting tumours on the smaller end of the spectrum, i.e. tumours that can’t be seen or felt yet. Since the tumours in early breast cancer could be as small as the tip of a pencil (1 mm), the mammogram is the most effective way to detect early breast tumour long before it starts to cause symptoms and distress.

Surgery for early breast cancer

The most prudent way to cure breast cancer is to detect it in its earliest stage and nip it in the bud with surgery. Most early-staged breast cancer can be completely cured with lumpectomy, a surgery for breast cancer where only the tumour and surrounding tissues are removed, leaving the rest of the breast unscathed. If any or a combination of the symptoms mentioned above come to your notice, we strictly advise you to consult a surgical oncologist, who, in turn, will recommend you a mammogram-like screening test. Early-stage breast cancer can be easily cured with skilled breast cancer surgery in Kolkata.