Benign Vs Malignant Breast Lump- According to a Breast Cancer Surgeon

Breast changes are common throughout women’s life. According to a breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata, genes and stages of life can affect breast development. However, the growth of breast tumours can be either cancerous or non-cancerous. Let’s see the difference between cancerous breast tumours (malignant breast lumps) and non-cancerous breast tumours (Benign). 

A breast cancer doctor in Kolkata can assess breast mass while determining whether the detected breast lump is cancerous or not. Here are the characteristics of the benign or non-cancerous breast lump.

Characteristics of Benign Breast Lump- Explained by a Breast Cancer Surgeon in Kolkata

  • Signs of benign breast lumps

In contrast to malignant breast lumps, benign lumps are as squishy as a soft rubber ball, along with well-defined margins. Benign breast tumours are softer and tend to move around. 

  • Mass because of benign conditions

Benign tumours are often found to be oval or round in shape on a mammogram. Though there are a few exceptions in benign conditions like breast adenosis (enlarged milk glands), radial scars, and fat necrosis (damaging of fatty breast tissue) may look similar to that of a malignant breast lump on a mammogram. 

  • Appearance on an MRI

An MRI report often finds benign breast lumps to have a smooth border. If any enhancement is noticed, then it will be patchy or minimal. The rise in the intensity of the signal is low on an MRI, which means the image becomes bright. 

  • Appearance with a biopsy

A breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata explains that benign breast lump cells may or may not look similar to normal breast cells depending on the kind of mass, but it never looks like cancer cells. 

Characteristics of Malignant Breast Lump- Explained by a Breast Cancer Surgeon in Kolkata

  • Signs of malignant breast lumps

Cancerous breast lumps are very hard, like a rock solid and have irregular shapes and sizes. Malignant breast tumours can result in nipple retraction and enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit. 

  • Mass due to malignant tumour

The edges of malignant breast lumps are often found to have a rough border and can have crab-like extensions to invade nearby tissues. 

  • Appearance on an MRI

Cancerous lumps on MRI are often found to be speculated, and irregular borders and internal divisions become enhanced. 

  • Appearance with a biopsy

After breast cancer surgery in Kolkata, the malignant breast tumour cells in a biopsy report might appear similar to the normal breast cells. However, it differs from normal cells in many ways. It contains extra nuclei and is irregular in shape. These are the characteristics of benign and malignant breast lumps which distinguish these breast lumps.