Thyroid cancer is highly treatable, and surgery for it typically offers a successful prognosis. However, the surgery inaugurates a new life that is full of guidelines and dos & don’ts. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various aspects of life after thyroid cancer surgery in Kolkata and provide helpful tips and suggestions to navigate this new chapter.

The aftermath of thyroid cancer surgery:

The surgery is a major and transformative experience in a person’s life. In the aftermath of thyroid cancer treatment through surgery, the patient might need to cope with the following circumstances:

Wound Healing and Scar Management:

Following thyroid surgery, it is common to experience stiffness and discomfort in the neck area due to the wound and scar. It is important to monitor the healing process for any signs of infection, such as redness, swelling, or oozing. If you notice any concerning symptoms, seek medical advice from the best thyroid cancer surgeon promptly.

Physiotherapy Exercises:

To prevent permanent stiffness in the neck and shoulder area, your hospital physiotherapist may recommend specific exercises for you to perform after a few weeks of surgery. It is crucial to diligently follow these exercises on a daily basis or as instructed by the physiotherapist. If you continue to experience difficulties or discomfort, consult your doctor or specialist nurse for further guidance.

Hoarse Voice and Vocal Changes:

Thyroid surgery may sometimes result in a hoarse voice and vocal changes due to potential damage to the nerves supplying the voice box. This can lead to difficulties in making high-pitched sounds and may affect singing. While these changes are usually temporary and improve within a few weeks, some individuals may experience permanent alterations in their voice.

Calcium Level Changes:

The parathyroid glands, located near the thyroid gland, play a crucial role in regulating calcium levels in the blood. Thyroid surgery can sometimes affect these glands, leading to low blood calcium levels. This condition may manifest as muscle spasms or twitching.

If you experience these symptoms, contact the best thyroid cancer surgeon for further evaluation and management. In most cases, the parathyroid glands start functioning normally within 6 to 8 weeks after surgery. However, in some instances, low calcium levels can be permanent and require long-term calcium supplementation.

Thyroid Hormone Replacement:

If the entire thyroid gland is removed during surgery, it is essential to replace the hormones that the thyroid would normally produce. Thyroid hormones are crucial for maintaining the body’s metabolic processes and energy levels.

Thyroxine, a synthetic thyroid hormone, is typically prescribed and needs to be taken daily as part of the thyroid cancer treatment for the rest of your life. Regular blood tests are performed to monitor hormone levels, and the medication dosage may be adjusted accordingly.

In cases where only a portion of the thyroid gland is removed, hormone replacement therapy may not be necessary for everyone, but it is important to undergo regular blood tests to assess hormone levels.

Dietary Considerations:

Following thyroid surgery, It is important to eat slowly, drink plenty of fluids, and consider using sauces and gravies to moisten the food. Long, slow cooking can help soften meat and vegetables, and using a blender to process solid foods may be helpful.

It is crucial to maintain a nutritious diet to support healing, and a consultation with a dietician can provide further guidance if needed.


Swelling near the wound area is common after thyroid surgery, but in some cases, it may persist and worsen. This condition is known as lymphedema and may require additional exercises to reduce swelling. If you notice persistent or worsening swelling in your neck after a few weeks, consult your doctor or specialist cancer surgeon for further evaluation and management.

Keep in touch with the best thyroid cancer surgeon in kolkata for a better healing experience. If you tackle the above-mentioned conditions adroitly, you too can emerge as a proud survivor.