The risk of developing cancer increases if you consume more ultra-processed foods, as suggested in research. Some ultra-processed foods are chicken nuggets, cakes, confectionery, processed meat and fizzy drinks. There are various It is advised by cancer specialists that one should maintain a healthy and balanced diet. In a number of developed countries, processed food makes up almost 50 per cent of an average person’s diet. It is found that those women, who had a large proportion of ultra-processed food in their diet, have an increased risk of cancer and breast cancer after the menopause. One should quit smoking, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, drink less alcohol and do enough exercise if one wants to lessen the risk of cancer. Instead of eliminating ultra-processed foods completely from your diet, one should only have them in small quantities. There should be a balance in what one eats. Some food items that are harmful to our health and can increase the risk of cancer are:

1. Fizzy drinks:

Carbonated soft drinks are pretty much empty of any nutritional value and they are also highly processed. There may be great taste in them, but there are loads of sugar, chemicals, additives and colourings in them. After drinking them, you become more dehydrated than you were before drinking them. Try to replace them with fruit juice, herbal tea and water.

2. Cereal:

There is a high amount of sugar and carbohydrates in instant cereals, especially those targeted for children. You should go for cereals that are low in sugar and high in fibre. You can also try porridge, muesli, scrambled or boiled eggs instead.

3. Cake:

We all love cakes, be it slice cake for afternoon tea or birthday cake. Sugar, fat, additives, salt and preservatives are staffed in these, though they may seem delicious. According to oncologists, these can result in an increased risk of cancer. Fruit and nuts, rice cakes and dark chocolate are some substitutes.

4. Packaged bread:

Many of us love the taste of packaged bread and buy some from the supermarket at regular intervals. The actual fact is that there is plenty of sugar and salt in it. The amount of fibre in it is also very low. Some healthy substitutes are wholegrain bread, whole wheat pasta, oatcakes and whole wheat pasta.

5. Processed meat.

It is known to us that our cholesterol level can increase on consumption of red meat, but the fact is that it is also very harmful to our health to have processed meat such as bacon, sausages, ham and canned meat.