When there are mutations in the genes that regulate cell growth, cancer develops. As a result of such mutations, the cells begin to divide and multiply uncontrollably. When this happens in the cells of the breast, it is known as breast cancer. There are different types of breast cancer. It also has many stages. You should consult a breast cancer doctor in Kolkata if you find its symptoms. It is always better to detect this cancer at an early stage as it increases the chance of complete cure. You can also take some preventive measures that help to lessen the risk of breast cancer.

Keep your weight under control

It is beneficial for your health if you maintain proper body weight. You also have less risk of different cancers including breast cancer.

Have a balanced diet

For preventing breast cancer, diet plays an important role. Consuming too much fat can increase your risk of breast cancer whereas consuming grains, vegetables and fruits lessen the risk.

Limit your consumption of alcohol

The risk of breast cancer has a direct connection with the amount of alcohol you drink. You should consume alcohol in a limited way so that you have minimal risk of breast cancer.

Avoid smoking

There is a link between breast cancer and smoking, especially in premenopausal women. Try to avoid smoking as much as possible because it helps in reducing breast cancer risk.

Physical activity is important

You should get involved in physical activity. It helps to maintain healthy body weight and prevent breast cancer. It is better to have physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. Regular exercise is very effective.

Practice breast-feeding

As per the opinion of a cancer doctor in Kolkata, an effective way to prevent breast cancer is to breast-feed. There is much less risk of developing breast cancer if you breast-feed for a long period.

Don’t take hormone therapy for a long time and in a high dose

There is an increased risk of breast cancer if you undergo high dose hormone therapy for a long period. Consult your doctor if you intend to take hormonal therapy for menopausal symptoms. You can take the help of nonhormonal therapies and medications to manage your symptoms. If you are serious about hormone therapy, take it in a lower dose and for a short time.

Avoid birth control pills

There are risks of taking birth control pills. It slightly increases the risk of breast cancer. If you stop taking such pills, the risk will get less.

Avoid environmental pollution

The risk of developing breast cancer can decrease by a little extent if you have less exposure to environmental pollution.

Consider preventive surgery

A breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata recommends preventive mastectomy if you have a high risk of breast cancer. The removal of breasts is known as a mastectomy.

Apart from all these methods, you should have regular screenings for breast cancer. It helps in early detection, which increases the chance of getting fully cured.