A small, implantable reservoir with a thin silicone tube that is attached to a vein is known as ChemoPort. This vein-access device has a major advantage and that is chemotherapy medicine can be delivered directly into the port rather than a vein. This eliminates the need for needle sticks. It is preferred by many cancer patients who receive chemotherapy to have a port implanted if recommended by their treatment team. Consider discussing with your oncologist in Kolkata if you are interested in a ChemoPort.

The procedure for Inserting a Chemo Port

A same-day surgical procedure is often undertaken to insert a port, which can be performed with a local anaesthetic. It is preferred by most physicians that at least one week before beginning your chemotherapy, you have your port placed and there are also reduced risk for complications. It may also be placed at the same time when the best surgical oncologist performs any surgical procedure for your cancer, such as a lobectomy for lung cancer or mastectomy for breast cancer.

Through an incision one or two inches long, small round metal or plastic disc is placed under your skin. Your upper chest or in occasional cases, your upper arm may be the location for this. A catheter tube that is threaded into one of the large veins near your neck such as the subclavian vein or jugular vein, and ends near the top of your heart, is then attached to the port. The doctor will perform an X-ray after the port is placed to make sure the end of the port is in the proper location.

You will notice a slight protrusion of your skin over the port after the insertion of the port. A nurse will insert a needle into a resealing rubber centre on your port called the ‘septum’ while drawing blood or infusing chemotherapy medicines.

Advantages of ChemoPort

As a cancer doctor in Howrah will tell you, there are many advantages to this system. The port can be easily accessed by a single needle stick through your skin. The normal procedures of chemotherapy cause changes in your veins making them very difficult to puncture with a needle. Having a port placed under your skin can reduce the time needed to prepare your hand or arm for the procedure of chemotherapy and the nurse can also avoid the delay in finding a good vein to draw blood or infuse chemotherapy. You can also avoid the risk of inflammation from the leakage of chemotherapy medications,which is often found when an IV is used. You will be able to bathe and swim without the fear of the port being infected as it is completely under your skin.