Taking her blind-folded at a beautifully lighted up and decorated beach deck – He is about to ask her that magical question. Yes, we all like these kinds of surprises but some surprises are shocking. Something as serious as colon cancer must not come as a surprise to anyone. A little more awareness can help one avoid this disease from becoming the worst nightmare. It’s always better to stay updated with the ifs and buts of colon cancer. Better awareness leads to earlier diagnosis, reducing the risk to some extent. Get, set, and buckle up to know from one of the best cancer doctors in Kolkata on how to reduce the risks.

Maintain a healthy weight

This might be common for every kind of disease the urban mass is facing but in the case of colon cancer, one must be extra precautions. Being overweight or obese pushes one more towards the risk of colon or rectal cancer. As suggested by one of the cancer specialists in Kolkata, eating a healthy diet and maintaining an active lifestyle can help one control the weight and thus make the person stay away from being exposed to this terrible disease.

Get regular physical activities

Stretch, do free hands, and stay active with mild physical exercises. Make a timetable and do brisk walking or some exercises to oneself charged up and let the body enzymes flow with ease. As suggested by one of the top-most oncologists in Kolkata, maintaining a healthy lifestyle makes one stay away from developing such risks of colon cancer. Start from today!

Eat healthier, everyday – Plenty of high-fibre food intakes make one keep a check on their weight as well as let the bowel flow clear. Set up your diet chart, today.

Stay away from alcohol intake or chain-smoking

As stated by a cancer doctor in Kolkata, alcohol is Grade 1 Carcinogen and that is why it is always better to totally stop alcohol intake. Cut down on smoking and slowly quit as sudden actions might get one into dangerous withdrawal symptoms. So, get it straight into the head for the coming party season.

Go heavy on garlic & low on red meat

Raw garlic slices or dishes with garlic in it can reduce the high risks of colon cancer. Garlic is a magical product to boost up our immunity too. As suggested by one of the leading cancer specialists in Kolkata, red meat can make one get more exposed to this deadly disease. Red meat often creates constipation and smooth bowel movement is hindered leading to this nightmare turn into reality.

Just following some of these precautions can make one avoid the risk of collateral cancer to a certain limit. Before the New Year brings new hopes, get your lifestyle on track. To know more or consult the best, visit: https://www.drsuvadipchakrabarti.com/.