Factors that lead to head & neck

Head and neck cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases with several risk factors. According to an oncologist in Kolkata, the primary reasons for head & neck cancer are tobacco and alcohol. These two factors can enhance the chance of cancer development and several other risk factors. Let’s see what else can lead to head & neck cancer.

Other reasons that result in head and neck cancer- Explained by an oncologist

According to a cancer specialist in Kolkata, besides tobacco and alcohol, several other reasons may also result in developing head and neck cancer.

  • According to a cancer doctor in Kolkata, 70 to 80 percent of head and neck cancer is heavily linked to consuming tobacco, including smoking cigarettes, pipes, cigars, or chewing tobacco. 
  • Poor dental and oral hygiene can also enhance the risk of head and neck cancer.
  • Higher consumption of spicy food may also be associated with the risk of head and neck cancer. 
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to the development of cancer in the area of the lips. It can also result in skin cancer in the head and neck area. 
  • Along with this, high consumption of alcohol can also increase the risk of developing cancer in the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, and larynx. Consuming alcohol and tobacco together can double the risk of head and neck cancer.
  • HPV, or human papillomavirus, is another risk factor for head and neck cancer. 
  • Exposure to Epstein-Barr virus, or EBV, is one of the most common viruses that can lead to nasopharyngeal cancer. 
  • Head and neck cancer is mainly seen among men rather than women. However, the rate of this cancer in women is also increasing every day. 
  • People over 40 years of age are at a higher risk of getting affected by head and neck cancer. 
  • Occupational or environmental inhalants like inhaling wood dust, paint fumes, and a few chemicals may lead to the development of head and neck cancer. 

Apart from all these factors, poor nutrition, gastroesophageal reflux disease, laryngopharyngeal reflux disease, weakened immune system, exposure to radiation, and previous history of head and neck cancer are a few critical risk factors. 

To minimize head and neck cancer risk, you should keep the above points in mind to remain cautious. Along with this, you should also stay away from spicy food, tobacco and alcohol and lead a healthy life. If you notice any signs or symptoms of head and neck cancer, you should immediately consult an oncologist in Kolkata

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