Having a baby is one of the joyful moments in a woman’s life, but health conditions such as breast cancer can cause worry about this happiness. The drugs used in treatments of breast cancer can cause harm to the development of the baby and sometimes can lead to infertility. Nevertheless, many women can normally get pregnant after their breast cancer treatment. If you survived breast cancer and thinking about having a baby, don’t worry! The best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata has provided all the necessary details you need to know regarding it.

How long should someone wait after their treatment to get pregnant?

Many women want to have babies after a successful breast cancer treatment, but they stress the consequences. Two years after the treatment is enough to find any early return of cancer. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that each case is different and the two-year mark may not prove to be fruitful for every single breast cancer survivor. The waiting period depends on many other factors such as the stage of cancer, age, type of treatment etc. If you want to conceive during the period after treatment and the expected recurrence, then it is necessary to go to your doctor for regular check-ups.

Can you breastfeed after the treatment?

If you had radiation or surgery during your treatment, it might be difficult for you to feed the baby with the affected breast. A changed breast shape can make the feeding process hard. Also, with less milk production, it may become difficult for the baby to latch milk, although the baby can be fed on the other breast. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, each case is different, and many breast cancer survivors can easily breastfeed. If you are under any hormonal therapy, then always take advice from an expert before breastfeeding, as many drugs can enter the breast milk and may cause harm to the baby’s overall health.

Can breast cancer come back if you breastfeed?

According to the best breast cancer surgeon, this is the biggest concern for women who had breast cancer. Some breast cancer types are sensitive to estrogen and the increased hormone levels during pregnancy can increase the risk of cancer coming back for them. Nevertheless, many studies have shown that pregnancy does not increase cancer risk in survivors with successful cancer treatment and no sensitivity to estrogen. Some studies have also shown that having a history of breastfeeding can lower the risk of recurrence of cancer.

Will there be any risk to your child’s overall health?

If you are undergoing any treatment for breast cancer, including hormonal, targeted or chemotherapy, it is recommended that you wait for the treatment to get completed. The drugs used in the treatment can affect the growth and health of the fetus. So, do not plan your pregnancy before consulting with your doctor.

If you are a breast cancer survivor, keep these things in mind before you plan a baby. To better understand the subject, consult Dr. Suvadip Chakrabarti, the best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata.