Surgery stands out as a vital component in any form of cancer treatment. Yet, myths surrounding cancer surgery often tend to cloud people’s judgement about this crucial procedure. Hence, to address these misconceptions, the best surgical oncologist in Kolkata has debunked some common myths about this surgery.

Common myths about cancer surgery

  • Surgery spreads cancer: One of the most common myths about the procedure is that it causes cancer to spread. But, in reality, the main goal of cancer surgery is to remove malignant tissues and prevent their further spread and growth. Moreover, it is the most effective treatment for the removal of localized tumours.
  • Weakens the immune system: Contrary to popular belief, cancer surgery does not make the immune system weak. Instead, it eliminates the cancerous cells, reducing the burden on the immune system and facilitating the healing process. 
  • Surgery is the only treatment required for cancer: Though surgery plays a crucial role, there are several types of cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation, or targeted therapies. These treatments are often used along with surgery to eliminate malignancy and prevent its recurrence.
  • Any surgeon can perform cancer surgery: Not all surgeons are specialized and trained in cancer surgery. Hence, it’s important to reach out to an oncologist surgeon who, through their expertise, can navigate the complexities of tumour removal, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes.
  • Cancer surgery always leads to painful recovery: Nowadays, there have been several advancements in pain management post-cancer surgery, enabling a smoother recovery process for most patients.
  • Surgery carries risk for cancer patients: With time, progress in techniques and technologies has minimized risks associated with cancer surgery. Surgeons assess each patient individually, considering factors like overall health, cancer stage, and available treatment options to mitigate risks.
  • Surgery Guarantees Cancer Cure: While surgery aims to remove cancerous tissue, it may not guarantee a cure, particularly in advanced stages of cancer. Adjuvant therapies and follow-up care are crucial to manage the remaining cancer cells and lower the risks of recurrence.

Debunking these myths underscores the importance of accurate information and tailored treatment plans in the fight against cancer. Collaborating closely with the best surgical oncologist in Kolkata will help you gain more clarity about this procedure and get started with your recovery journey. 

Moreover, acknowledging the significance of surgery alongside other treatments, understanding its role, and recognizing advancements in the field are further crucial in fostering a more informed and empowered approach to cancer care.