Cancer is a major cause of death in the whole world. It has taken a lot of lives until now. In order to create awareness among people about cancer, we observe National Cancer Awareness Day on 7th November every year. Here we will discuss some signs and symptoms of cancer in details.

Persistent cough or blood-tinged saliva

A person suffering from bronchitis or sinusitis may show these symptoms. However, these could also indicate the presence of lung cancer or head and neck cancer. You should consult a cancer doctor in Kolkata if you are suffering from a continuous cough for more than a month and find blood in the mucus that comes up.

A change in bowel habits

In many cases, your diet and fluid intake affect the changes in bowel habits. If you have colon cancer, there can be pencil-thin stools. A condition of continuous diarrhoea is often the sign of cancer. Some people who are suffering from cancer feel the need for a bowel movement even after they had a bowel movement. There is a need for evaluation for cancer if any change in your bowel habits has no other reason.

Blood in the stool

If there is blood in your stool, there should be an investigation by a doctor. Rectal bleeding often happens due to haemorrhoids and these may exist with cancer. There should be a complete examination of your entire intestinal track if your stool has blood in it. An effective diagnostic test is a colonoscopy.

Unexplained anaemia (low blood count)

When people have less number of red blood cells in their blood than expected, they are suffering from anaemia. It is of many types and one of them is iron deficiency anaemia. The cause of this condition can be bowel cancer and other cancers. You should go for an endoscopy or x-ray of your upper and lower intestinal tracts.

Breast lump or breast discharge

You should undergo a thorough investigation to check for breast cancer if there are lumps in your breast. The best oncologist in Kolkata suggests an MRI, ultrasound or other x-ray studies of the breast. There can be a biopsy or needle aspiration of the breast. The presence of cancer may be indicated by some forms of breast discharge. The doctor may suggest further evaluation if the discharge is from only one nipple or there is blood in it. Monthly breast self-examinations are very important.

Lumps in the testicles

There is a painless or uncomfortable lump on the testicles of most men having cancer of the testicle. The testicles in some men may get enlarged. You should go for the evaluation of any lump on your testicles. There is a lot of importance of monthly testicular self-examinations.

A change in urination

There are often urinary symptoms like small amounts of urine, frequent urination, slow urine flow and changes in bladder function. They can be due to prostate enlargement or they may also indicate prostate cancer. It is better to consult a doctor.

Hoarseness or change in the voice

It may be a sign of laryngeal cancer if you have hoarseness in your voice for more than three weeks. There are also other causes of hoarseness in the voice. A doctor can only tell the actual cause in a particular case.

Changes in the size and shape of a mole

The first warning signs of melanoma or skin cancer are changes in the size, shape, colour and feel of a mole. The changes can be visible in an existing mole or a new or unusual-looking mole can indicate melanoma.