The craze of going to hookah bars is continuously increasing among the young generation. People come to these bars to smoke flavoured tobacco from hookahs. A hookah bar is also known as shisha bar, hookah lounge or hookah café. There is a water bowl at the bottom of a hookah and the top portion contains a head. The middle portion is normally made up of metal. There is a tobacco mixture in the hookah and the mixture can be of different flavours. For heating the tobacco, charcoal is used. The smoke passes through the water and enters the body of the person who is smoking the hookah.


Many think that it is safe to smoke tobacco from such hookahs, but this thought is totally wrong. The risk of hookah smoking is the same as smoking cigarettes. There are many toxins and carcinogens in hookah smoke. The amount of smoke that enters into the human body from an hour of hookah smoking is much more than that comes from smoking a single cigarette. The carcinogens present in the hookah smoke increase the risk of a number of cancers. The best oncologist in Kolkata always warns people about the risk of cancer from hookah smoking.

Types of Cancer

• Lung Cancer: The carcinogens that cause lung cancer are present in hookah smoke. The risk of lung cancer is much more in people who are addicted to hookah smoking than those who don’t smoke hookahs.
• Oral Cancer: There is irritation of the tissues present in the mouth and throat due to tobacco and the smoke a person inhales from a hookah contains tobacco particles. The risk of oral cancer is, therefore, high from hookah smoking.
• Esophageal Cancer:  There is proof from various studies that a major risk factor for esophageal cancer is hookah smoking. According to the information from a cancer specialist in Kolkata, the carcinogens responsible for esophageal cancer are present in hookah smoke.
• Gastric Cancer (Stomach Cancer):  The risk of stomach cancer or gastric cancer increases as a result of hookah smoking. Many regular hookah users have precancerous conditions in their stomachs.
• Pancreatic Cancer:  Those who smoke hookah have an increased risk of pancreatic cancer. A risk factor of pancreatic cancer is gum disease and the risk of hookah smoking increases due to hookah smoking.
• Blood-related Cancers:   The presence of benzene, a carcinogen responsible for blood-relatedcancers, is evident in hookah smoke. Cancer not only affects a single person, but it affects the whole family. You can understand the seriousness of cancer if you talk with a cancer doctor in Kolkata about it. If you don’t want to put you and your family at the risk of cancer, avoid hookah smoking. It may be a fun thing for you, but the ultimate result may not be so funny for you. It’s of no use to increase your risk of cancer for a few hours of fun.