As there are antibacterial and antioxidant effects of garlic in the human body, it is thought to have cancer prevention properties. A number of studies have also proved it to be true. In relation to cancers of different parts of the body including pancreas, colon, prostate, stomach and esophagus, many benefits of garlic have been found. It has been found in some cases that the cancer risk has decreased by almost 50 %. There are different components of garlic. These include allicin, allyl sulfides and flavonoids, which help to reduce the risk of developing cancer. There are some indications that garlic has also a role in cancer treatment. Any cancer doctor in Kolkata will tell you about this.

Role of Garlic in Cancer Reduction and Prevention

A number of studies have proven that people consuming more garlic have less risk of developing the following cancers:

  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Colon cancer

Anti-Cancer Compounds

Garlic is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral. It contains natural antioxidants. There are high levels of flavonoids, sulfur and selenium in garlic. It produces the compound allicin when it is chopped, crushed or bruised. Garlic has the ability to slow down cell proliferation, enhance genetic repair and prevent the carcinogenic substance formation in the body. This is because of the antibacterial properties of garlic. The following are three cancer-fighting compounds in the garlic:

  • Allicin:

    It is a powerful plant compound that is anti-fungal and antibiotic.

  • Flavonoids:

    By preventing cell damage, these aromatic plant compounds fight cancer. It is considered that they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Selenium and allyl sulfides:

    By blocking damage to the DNA of cells or stimulating the body so that it can repair damaged DNA, both of these plant chemicals prevent cancer. This is because they are anti-mutagens.

The Way Garlic May Reduce Cancer Development

As you can learn from the best oncologist in Kolkata, garlic may reduce cancer development in different ways. It may induce cell death (apoptosis) or slow down the cell cycle in the present cancer cells.

Proper Use of Garlic

There are several forms in which garlic is available. However, fresh and uncooked garlic will give you the best benefits. You can get the benefits of garlic’s cancer reduction effects even if you use a small amount of it. You will have less risk of developing some cancers on regularly consuming one clove of garlic. It’s important that you know the best ways to prepare and cook the cloves of garlic if you want to get the benefits of garlic in your diet. When you use garlic, try to chop or press the garlic and then keep it exposed to air for around 10 minutes before using it. This is because when garlic is exposed to air, allicin is released.