A form of treatment offered to cancer patients is known as chemotherapy in which chemicals or drugs are used to kill the malignant cells. However, healthy cells also often die in the process. In most of the times, people remain unaware of what to do during the treatment though there are a lot of precautions, advice and counselling given to people during chemotherapy. Cancer specialists in Howrah have shared the dos and don’ts to follow during chemotherapy with the common people.

1. Maintain a high standard of hygiene

The chemicals and drugs also kill healthy cells like RBCs and WBCs while they kill the diseased cells. This weakens your immunity and makes you prone to infections and diseases. Therefore good hygiene should be maintained in everything including your personal health and your eating habits. You should not eat stale food or refrigerated foods and uncooked or raw vegetables and meat. Eating fresh foods is preferred and you should wash and peel the vegetables before cooking. Take a proper bath, wash your hands regularly, and keep your nails trimmed and skin moisturized.

2. Avoid crowded place

While you are on chemotherapy, you do not have to cut off your social life altogether but it is better to avoid crowded places like the mall or theatre hall. This is because going to these places can increase the chances that you get an infection. You can feel better and your immunity gets a boost if you go to parks or open grounds for a stroll as this gives you ample oxygen. Polluted places should be avoided.

3. Avoid sharing your items with family

You should avoid sharing your personal belongings including towel, napkin and utensils, though cancer is not contagious. If your personal items are shared with others, you can have the chance to catch an infection.

4. Look for antioxidants from other sources

It is important that you replenish your energy with food and proper antioxidants as your immunity gets low. Oncologists suggest that you have plenty of fruits, juices. These make your body respond better to drugs and also reduce inflammation.

5. Take your medications on time

The side effects of chemotherapy can cause a lot of problems. To deal with the side effects, you must take prescribed medications. The medicines should be administered and prescribed under the guidance of a trained medical Oncologist, as they are well versed with the symptomology off various side effects and manage them with care.