There are above one million cases of breast cancer identified each year.  Women are more prone to breast cancer than men.  There are several symptoms which include clotting of cells and forming of tumors in breast, textural change, and discharge of blood from nipples.
The treatment however depends upon the stage of cancer. There are certain controllable and uncontrollable risk factors which have been discussed with the best oncologist in Kolkata.

Uncontrollable risk factors:


Women are more prone to breast cancer as there is a constant evolution and growth of the breast cells in them. The female progesterone and estrogen play a major role in the activity.

Genetic factor:  

There is quite a high risk of developing breast cancer once your first degree relative such as your mother or sister has been affected by the same. There is no bar to a hereditary transmission.

Radiation Exposure:

The best cancer doctor in Kolkata also adds that once the chest area has been exposed to certain therapeutic radiations, the individual has a high probability of having breast cancer.

Personal history:  

There are higher chances of developing breast cancer once you have been previously affected by it. The risk in such cases is higher than cases of being affected for the first time.

Late menopause:

It has been revealed in the studies that women having late menopause are more exposed to the risk of acquiring breast cancer. For example, there is 30 per cent more chance of women getting menopause at 56 rather than a woman getting menopause at 45.

Controllable risk factors:


Weight is something which can be controlled by us and the best oncologist of Kolkata has stated that gaining more weight increases the chance of breast cancer. Once there is more fat tissue, the amount of estrogen level is higher, thus, increasing the risk.


Studies have revealed that exercising every day for 45-60 minutes reduces the risk of breast cancer, thus low exercising bodies are more prone and can control the possibility of being affected.

Giving birth at older age:  

Minimize the risk of getting breast cancer by acquiring the protective effect delivered by pregnancy. The earlier a woman gets pregnant, the more immune she is from the aftermath.  Giving birth at older ages increases the risk of breast cancer.

Consumption of birth control:

From the best cancer doctor of Kolkata, we have come to know that consuming oral contraceptive pills tends to increase the chances of having breast cancer. The major reason for increased risk is hormonal imbalance.

Not breast-feeding:

It is witnessed, when women breastfeed their child, there are quite a lot of hormonal changes affecting their menstrual cycle. Lactation delays periods, which in turn reduces the flow of estrogen in blood, promoting the cell growth of breast cancer. Thus, it can be suggested that to avoid breast cancer, avoid breast-feeding.