National Cancer Awareness Day is observed all over India on 7th November. Cancer is taking lots of lives every year. This day we should take an oath to battle cancer in every possible way and try to eradicate the causes of cancer.

Some major causes of cancer

Tobacco use is a major cause of cancer. There is a high chance that tobacco users get affected by cancer and many other diseases like respiratory illness, stroke, etc. In India, these diseases take the lives of ten lakh smokers and tobacco chewers. This number is 50 times more than non-tobacco users. Tobacco attracts almost one-third of India’s population. The number of adults is 28 crore among India’s 42 crore tobacco addicts. The habit of taking tobacco is picked up in the 6th or 7th standard by 14 crore people who are aged below 18 years.

According to any cancer doctor in Kolkata, the six other risk-groups besides tobacco addicts are the following:

  • The women who have reached menopause
  • The women who are on hormone therapy or take birth-control pills
  • Welders, traffic policemen, metal workshop & furnace personnel and other people working in a smoky, stress-filled or otherwise toxic environment
  • Family members and colleagues of smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke
  • Those people who are heavy drinkers
  • Students who habitually work overnight, people who frequently work night-shifts and those who suffer from disturbed sleep patterns and chronic fatigue

There may be no signs and signals of cancer at first and therefore normally detection is not possible. But if you notice properly, there are some subtle signs and you can act upon them. Your chances of survival and returning to good health are dramatically improved by early detection and treatment.

A malignant cancerous tumour may press on nerves, penetrates blood vessels and interfere with the functioning of one or more organs when it grows. Therefore, there is bleeding, pain and impairment in body functions that cannot be explained by normal causes.

The 13 early signs of cancer that should be watched upon are given below and if any sign is found, you must contact an oncologist in Kolkata.

  • If even after medication, any sore or lesion does not heal
  • The look and feel of an existing wart, mole, or sore in the mouth may change
  • From any part of the body, there is abnormal bleeding or watery discharge
  • In body parts like the testicles, breast, armpits, etc. there is thickening or lump
  • There is difficulty in swallowing, indigestion and acidity
  • There is vomiting, nausea or chronic fatigue
  • In bowel or bladder habits there are sudden changes
  • In the throat, there is a nagging cough or hoarseness
  • There are persistent headaches
  • For no reason, there is a loss of appetite or sudden weight loss
  • In any part of the body including bones, there is a pain
  • There is constant or intermittent low-grade fever
  • There are repeated infections and poor immune system