A liquid that has nicotine in it is heated in e-cigarettes. Then a vapour is formed from the liquid that the people breathe in. It is just like they smoke from a tobacco cigarette. To help beat their cravings, e-cigarettes give smokers the nicotine hit they need.

The relation between e-cigarettes and cancer

As you can know from cancer specialists, with tobacco cigarettes, the main cancer risk is caused by the release of a number of carcinogenic compounds when they are burned or inhaled. As nicotine is delivered through aerosols without burning tobacco, this is avoided in e-cigarettes. But, that may not be the case as suggested by a new study that says that cancer may be caused by nicotine itself and the way the body metabolises it. The cause of this is the damage of the string DNA and also the way that the body repairs them. To cigarette vapour, which contains both nicotine and liquid solvents, laboratory mice were exposed. They were exposed to the vapour at the normal level it would be consumed by a human user. It was found that DNA damage was not caused by the solvent alone. The same damage as nicotine alone is caused by nicotine with e-cigarette solvent.

It was seen in previous studies that people who switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes have low levels of key harmful chemicals. As e-cigarettes haven’t been around that long, there are still some questions about long-term safety. But in recent years, it has been seen in many studies that e-cigarettes are harmful. It is now considered as a dangerous alternative to cigarettes.


It is evident that e-cigarettes, heat-not-burn devices, vape, e-sheesha, e-nicotine flavoured hookah and other electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) that enable nicotine delivery or its use are a great health risk to public at large, especially to children, adolescents, pregnant women and women of reproductive age. It is also evident that under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, ENDS are not approved as NRTs. E-cigarette is banned by Ministry of Health in India. Congratulations to Government of India for taking this courageous step.