Carcinoma Ovary



Cancer in ovarian tubule is basically epithelial in nature. They start from the egg-producing cells. Most amazing is that such tumors open up from structural tissues holding ovaries together and produce female hormones like estrogen and progesterone. The most common type of such cancer is epithelial ovarian cancer or Carcinoma Ovary. These types of cancers are diagnosed by cancer specialists at advanced stage since the disease produces no early symptoms and signs of such cancer. Curiously, this cancer shows mild symptoms even in most advanced stages.

Surgical Treatment

Surgical Oncologists recommend the surgical intervention depending on the diagnosis and its stage of presentation. In such surgeries, oncology surgeon will require to remove fallopian tubes and ovaries, removal of uterus, Omentum removal, removal of the lymph nodes and removal of any other organ involved in the disease. Staging is thus followed by debulking which means removal. Such removal is aimed to leave no stint of tumor.

  • TAH + BSO+ infracolicomentectomy
  • Cytoreductive Surgery (CRS)
  • Interval Cytoreductive surgery
  • HIPEC (Hyperthermicinterperitoneal chemotherapy)



Oncology is an ever evolving field of medicine and is matter of research and development. The author per say does not claim the following to be guidelines of practice in oncology. These are part of patient awareness initiative by Dr. Suvadip Chakrabarti MCh (Surgical Oncology), cancer doctor in Kolkata to educate people at large of various options in Oncology. It should not be taken to be practice guidelines.