If a woman had a mastectomy due to breast cancer, she can go for breast reconstruction surgery. By replacing skin, breast tissue and the removed nipple, this procedure helps in restoring the symmetry between the two breasts. Based on the mastectomy and the width, size and location of the removed tumour, the surgeon decides the amount of reconstruction. The results of breast construction are now better than before as there are major improvements in plastic surgery. It is possible to have breast construction using either breast implants or your own tissue. Your appearance not only changes due to the operation, but it also has psychological benefits. You can know more about breast reconstruction after mastectomy from the best oncologist in Kolkata.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

Some reasons for a woman choosing breast reconstruction are:

  • She will have a proper breast shape.
  • She will be free from the complexities of wearing a prosthesis form inside the bra.
  • She will be happy with her body and her feeling about herself.

The scars of breast construction generally fade over time. The amount of scarring is also less nowadays as a result of newer techniques. Your breasts will look almost alike in size when you wear a bra and you can wear different costumes without any hesitation.

According to the cancer doctors in Kolkata, if you have breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, you can feel better about your looks and this will boost your self-confidence.

Some Important Points

  • You have two choices. Either you can have the breast reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy (immediate reconstruction) or at a later time (delayed reconstruction).


  • During the treatment of breast cancer, you may not want to decide anything about breast reconstruction. You can decide about it after your breast cancer treatment is over.


  • There will be scars on your breast from cancer surgery and reconstruction surgery. There will also be scars on areas such as the tummy, buttocks or shoulder, from where the surgeon took tissues to create the new breast.


  • If you smoke, the surgeon may suggest you wait for breast reconstruction. For better healing, you have to quit smoking at least 2 months before the reconstructive surgery. If are obese, too thin or have blood circulation problems, you may not be able to have breast reconstruction.


  • In order to match the other breast with the reconstructed breast, some surgery may be needed. The surgeon may surgically lift the breast or reduce or enlarge its size.


Different Reconstruction Options

The surgeon inserts a tissue expander inside your body and stretches the skin at first during breast reconstruction with implants. After a few weeks, he/she inserts a silicone-gel or saline implant. For a few sessions, the surgeon fills the tissue expander to the desired volume using saline once a week. You may have to replace the implants at regular intervals.

The surgeon uses tissue from your abdomen, back, thighs or bottom in tissue flap procedures to create a mound for reconstructing the breast. When the surgeon takes abdominal tissue, it is called a TRAM flap. It is called a latissimus dorsi flap when the tissue is taken from the back. In some cases, the surgeon keeps the blood supply of the tissue attached to it while moving it. He/she disconnects the blood supply from the tissue and reconnects the tissue with a blood supply near the new location.

During the mastectomy, the breast cancer doctor in Kolkata usually removes the nipple and areola to lower the chance of cancer relapse. Therefore, you may also consider having nipple reconstruction. It is done after the breast reconstruction is over. It is normally an outpatient procedure. The new nipple may be prosthetic or the surgeon may reconstruct it from tissue taken from the back or abdominal flap.